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Hyprop Investments Limited

Integrated annual report 2016

Our strategic goals

To grow and nurture a specialised portfolio of quality retail

property investments

To achieve sustainable distribution and capital growth by

owning quality shopping centres in sub-Saharan Africa

(including South Africa), South-Eastern Europe, and other

emerging markets

To be the leading retail REIT in South Africa

To diversify our geographical concentration by seeking

opportunities in other emerging markets

To continually improve the quality of our portfolio through

developments, expansions and refurbishments

To dispose of non-core South African assets.

Our values

Sustainable business practices

Good corporate citizenship

Ethical and socially responsible behaviour

Recognition of the value of our employees, who are critical to

our success.

Our vision

Hyprop’s goal is to be a leading specialist

shopping centre REIT in emerging markets,

offering shareholders access to income and

capital growth through a portfolio of premium

shopping centres in a transparent, sustainable

investment vehicle.

Our mission

To be the partner of choice for tenants, shoppers,

employees and investors

To provide a trustworthy, transparent and sustainable


To promote social and environmental sustainability

To be a world-class REIT that adheres to global best


Hyprop’s focus

Sustainable income growth through contractual rental


Specialised investment focus on quality shopping


Continually improving our shopping centre portfolio

through reinvestment, with continuous extensions

and refurbishments

Robust balance sheet provides a strong platform to

support continued growth

Specialised and experienced internal management.



Hyprop is synonymous with investment excellence. We offer investors direct access to high-

quality shopping centres in selected emerging markets through a transparent investment

vehicle, focused on income and capital growth.

Each shopping centre is distinguished by:

Quality, size, dominance and location, catering to middle

to higher-income consumers

Mix of flagship national and international retail tenants

Being the preferred shopping destination in high-density,

metropolitan areas.