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Hyprop Investments Limited

Integrated annual report and consolidated financial statements




Hyprop’s governance framework is robust and aligned with best

practice for sustainable value creation

The board of directors

Hyprop’s board is focused on creating long-term value for stakeholders through integrated thinking that supports:


Quality real estate investments that generate long-term capital and income growth


Investing in green environmental technology (solar power and water savings)


Employee and local community development programmes


A sound and robust funding and capital structure that supports a strong balance sheet and long-term capital and income growth for the company.

The board promotes an inclusive approach to corporate governance, ensuring that no single director has unfettered power of decision making. Directors

have diverse skills and experience to ensure robust debate that leads to informed decisions.

We summarise the values and standards that guide our board and align our company to the recommendations of King IV.

For further reading view the board charter online.

Ethical leadership

In line with its charter, the board is the guardian of group values and ethics, and leads by example. It ensures that

Hyprop’s strategy is aligned to its corporate values, while considering our impact on the economy, society, stakeholders

and the environment. Directors remain informed on applicable legislation, codes and standards to effectively discharge

their duties.

Principle 1 and 2

Corporate citizenship

As a responsible corporate citizen, Hyprop operates its business with tomorrow in mind. The board therefore considers

financial performance in the context of Hyprop’s broader impact on the environment in which it operates:


Ensuring that its actions and interactions with stakeholders are guided by the South African constitution and

Bill of Rights


Ensuring that it operates ethically as a good corporate citizen.

Principle 3


In promoting transparent disclosure, the board monitors:


Balanced reporting to stakeholders via the integrated report and other public disclosures on its website


Continued independence from any business or third parties with which Hyprop has contractual relationships


Legitimate dealings in Hyprop shares by employee shareholders in compliance with the Financial Markets Act 2012,

South African Securities Services Act 2004 and JSE Listings Requirements.

Principle 5