Our difference

In a world where we are faced with disconnection, pressure and sameness, Hyprop creates modern villages for people to connect and have authentic and meaningful experiences.

This is what differentiates us.
We call it our Golden Thread.

Our Golden Thread was born out of the idea of re-imagining Hyprop centers as modern villages.
Places that focus on community and real experiences.
Places that are relevant now and into the future.
Places that are convenient, accessible and open a world of possibility.

Our Golden Thread allows all Hyprop shopping centers and properties to be connected through a unified set of services, offerings and experiences, where our brand, people and places interconnect.

We realise this by living up to what makes us who we are:

Pioneering conscious retail

We have a positive impact on the world around us.

At Hyprop, we:

  • Design for people, planet and profit
  • Invest in our people
  • Create space for civic functions
  • Keep sustainability at our heart

Making every experience exceptional

We create experiences that feels authentic and grounded.

At Hyprop, we:

  • Know happy employees mean happy customers
  • Continually bring newness to our centres and business
  • Benchmark experiential retail, and community and digital integration

Keeping it real

We make every experience exceptional.

At Hyprop, we:

  • Ensure friction-free, seamless environments
  • Understand and serve the needs of all our people (customers, clients, colleagues)
  • Create spaces authentic to their location