Governance underpins everything we do.

Effective governance integrates integrity and performance to achieve harmony between internal and external interests.

This harmony is important to us as the owners and managers of retail centres where people connect to work, shop, exercise and socialise.

Hyprop to delivers what we commit to, with trust as the social thread which connects us to our tenants and their customers, and to our communities, shareholders and other stakeholders. Trust underpins the heart of our engagement with the economy, society and the environment.

Transparency about the Group’s activities, risks, governance structures and in reporting will help build trust, a value in short supply in our Covid-disrupted, politically and socially dysfunctional world.

Our culture is built on ethical behaviour, good performance, effective control and legitimacy, and our operations embrace the six capitals – financial, intellectual, manufactured, human, social and relationship and natural.

We want to achieve the following:

  • provide a holistic and interrelated set of arrangements that are understood and implemented in an integrated manner;
  • encourage transparent and meaningful reporting to stakeholders; and
  • present corporate governance reports that reference structure, process, ethical consciousness, and conduct.

The board is responsible for the ethical behaviour of the business and so regularly reviews governance structures to ensure they remain relevant and effective.

Ethical leadership

The Hyprop board endorses the principles of fairness, responsibility, transparency and accountability advocated by King IV.

As a listed REIT we comply with the JSE Listings Requirements and rules specific to REITs in South Africa, along with country-specific legislation and standards.

The board monitors Hyprop’s compliance with applicable legislation, regulations, codes and standards.