Caring for our communities

At Hyprop we create long-term impact and value in the communities that surround our properties.

Our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives are channeled through the Hyprop Foundation, with a focus on projects that create systemic change and sustainable value.

We believe it takes a village to uplift a community, and so we collaborate and partner with our centers (our modern villages) in engaging with the communities in the area and contributing and participating in local projects.

Hyprop foundation was established in 2013 and its long-term vision is to ignite a culture of participation by our people and stakeholders through sustainable initiatives that create value by focusing on five key areas:

  • Education and skills development
  • Community upliftment
  • Employee wellness and participation
  • Environmental upliftment
  • Enterprise development

Hyprop Foundation is for South Africans.

If you want to be part of these wonderful initiatives either through donating, partnering with us or volunteering

Our Purpose


We want to remain relevant in an everchanging environment. We believe that we can add value to South Africa through education, skills development, and enterprise development. We acknowledge and support the global sustainable developmental goals (SDG) and link our purpose with a larger global purpose.


We give to ensure a reliable, relational, and sustainable future for every beneficiary. We believe that children must have the right to quality and affordable education. We believe that community upliftment is everybody’s business.


Transfer skills

Uplift and empower the youth to be great problem solvers, people who take initiative

Be leaders who care for the environment

We are proud of our local communities and thank every South African for their loyal support.


Skills Development

MES is an integrated social development organisation that has been changing the heart of the city of Johannesburg since 1986 and has since been actively working towards providing sustainable solutions to pervasive poverty in the inner cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Kempton Park.

People generally move to cities, especially to the inner-city, to find employment. Established systems providing housing, employment, education, healthcare, and psycho-social support have long since become unable to deal with this influx of unemployed, often unemployable job seekers.

Why does Hyprop Foundation partner with MES?

MES has a vision to educate, equip and train the people of all ages, to give them hope and that initial dream of earning an honest living.
MES is highly functional, dependable, and transparent
HY-five MES!


Enterprise Development

Hyprop Foundation partners with the Kanyisa Mawethu Foundation. The Kanyisa Mawethu Foundation was created by a South African woman, Kanyisa, who recalls her childhood memories walking back home from school. In winter she would walk home in the dark. Some days it was raining, and other days were hot. She remembered carrying her books in torn plastic bags.

She decided to start a foundation to help the many kids from informal settlements that face the same struggles she faced. Together with her team, they make school back packs with solar lights and grocery bags from recycled material!

Why do we partner with Kanyisa Mawethu Foundation?

We love this idea, it is green, functional and creates job opportunities!
The business is in its developmental stage, with an environmentally friendly, original, and truly South African idea.

Khanyisa was recently acknowledged for her participation in the Indalogrow Incubation programme.
HY-five Kanyisa!

To order green backpacks with solar lights contact:
Kanyisa at kmancunga@kanyisamawethu.org.za

Hyprop Foundation is for South Africans.

If you want to be part of these wonderful initiatives either through donating, partnering with us or volunteering, please contact Leonie at foundation@hyprop.co.za