2019 Integrated annual report

and consolidated and separate financial statements

Business model

Business model
What we do
Maintaining the relevance of Hyprop’s properties in line with global trends and customer needs
    How we do it
    Provide a range of retail, entertainment and related services to residents and workers within a mixed-use precinct
    R132 million invested in mall upgrades and expansions in South Africa
    Vacancies in SA portfolio reduced to 0,8% and <0,5% in EE portfolio
    Disposal of non-core asset Lakefield office park
    12 000m2 Hyper conversion at The Mall, Sofia
What we do
Disciplined management of debt and equity, recycling of capital
    How we do it
    Strong liquidity position and interest cover ratio
    R8,5 billion of debt refinanced
    Distributions paid from cash-backed earnings
    Improved interaction with Moody’s to address their concerns
    Roadshows/presentations to equity and bond investors
What we do
Maximising the group’s human and intellectual capital in a collaborative and results-orientated culture
    How we do it
    Stratco established to oversee all aspects of the group’s activities
    Excos restructured with revised mandates
    Execution, collaboration and creativity added to group’s values
    Percentage of black senior management employees increased to 19%
    Training spend increased by 84%
    Number of black employees increased by 9%
    Coffee@Hyprop forum established to improve internal communication
What we do
Sustainable investment returns, improve existing culture, understanding our shoppers in order to provide meaningful experiences
    How we do it
    Improved internal culture of collaboration
    Shopper surveys to strengthen Hyprop’s and our tenants’ operations
    Investor surveys to improve investor communications
    Workshops with major tenants to address common challenges
    Increased transparency of financial reporting
What we do
Monitoring our impact on the sustainability of the communities in which we operate
    How we do it
    81% of waste in SA portfolio recycled
    11 184MWh of electricity saved during the year
    4 588 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided through to solar produced electricity
    R12,3 million saved through energy efficiency projects