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Annual Integrated Report 2016

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Group overview
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About this report
Group profile
Strategic intent
Investment proposition
Performance highlights
Material focus areas
Hyprop's business structure
Management structure
Executive Management

Leadership review
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Chairman's report
Chief executive officer's report
Financial director's report
Five-year review
Value added statement

Value creation overview
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Hyprop's business model
Stakeholder engagement
Risk management

Portfolio review
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The market in which we operate
Property portfolio - South Africa
Property portfolio - sub-Saharan Africa
Property portfolio - South-Eastern Europe
Hyprop's history

Sustainability review
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Social and ethics committee report
Natural capital: environmental impact
Human capital: employee development
Social and relationship capital
Intellectual capital
Foundation review

Governance review
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Board of directors
Corporate governance
King III application (chapter 2)

Remuneration review
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Remuneration report

Group annual financial statements
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Approval of the group annual financial statements
Declaration of company secretary
Report of the audit committee
Directors' report
Independent auditor's report
Statement of financial position
Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
Statement of changes in equity
Statement of cash flows
Notes to the financial statements
Segment analysis

Shareholder information
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Shareholder analysis
Shareholders' diary
Distribution details
Notice of AGM
Form of proxy
Notes to the form of proxy

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Excel downloads

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Consolidated annual financial statements

  File size
Statement of financial position [45 KB]
Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income [360 KB]
Statement of changes in equity [33 KB]
Statement of cash flows [33 KB]
Notes to the financial statements [334 KB]