Intellectual capital

Hyprop enjoys a significant base of intellectual capital which is underpinned by our human resources. This is a competitive advantage in our industry, reinforcing our ability to attract the desired calibre of skills to drive long-term growth and the success of our business. Our proprietary and licensed software, licences, procedures and protocols support Hyprop's competitive advantage.

We achieve excellence by focusing on our areas of expertise:

  • Leadership
    • A strong leadership team, driving a culture of high performance. Hyprop management is acknowledged by investment analysts as expert, consistent and transparent
    • Effective partnerships with customers, suppliers, business peers as well as sector and research bodies
  • Asset management and transaction capability
    • In-house asset management team (including directors and executive and general managers) with the knowledge and experience to make appropriate investment decisions
    • Expertise in identifying new markets and opportunities to grow and expand the group's operations and enhance the current property portfolio
    • Ability to conclude acquisition and capital projects on time and within budget
  • Funding
    • Ability to raise finance on competitive terms
  • Legal resources
    • In-house legal expertise to manage risk and legal processes efficiently and effectively, which includes the monitoring of tenant business rescue and liquidation processes. Valuable legislation updates are provided on matters affecting the business
  • Leasing structures
    • Leasing, a core function of the business, is supported by a regional and on-site skilled management team. Processes are aligned with an on-line standardised leasing system
  • Information and technology management


  • Innovative systems provide seamless and efficient reporting and a comprehensive overview of key portfolio metrics
  • Real-time integrated property and financial management system
  • Building management and analytical systems that monitor footcount, dwell time, spend per head, security monitoring and online utility management

Innovative equipment technology

  • Constant equipment replacement plan to increase technology efficiencies

Monitoring business patterns and future trends

  • Hyprop has a dedicated statistician to compile, evaluate, compare and interpret property statistics
  • Ongoing portfolio enhancement
    • Improve and develop to constantly meet the standards of high-quality shopping centres and deliver a positive, meaningful experience to our shoppers in a clean and safe environment
    • Extensions and refurbishments anticipate and accommodate changing consumer habits and ensure tenant loyalty
  • Investor dialogue
    • The sustained confidence of investors achieved by open dialogue and transparent investor relations.

Investing in intellectual capital, comes at a cost in the short term, however, in the longer term the financial capital, as well as manufactured, natural, human, and social and relationship capital, are likely to be enhanced by our commitments.