Stakeholder engagement

Engagement with stakeholders at all levels is a critical part of our business strategy. Hyprop is cognisant of our stakeholders' interests, concerns and expectations, and actively seeks to engage with them, realising that our long-term sustainability is dependent on creating sustainable value through our business. We engage stakeholders via various channels to determine their needs and respond appropriately.

Stakeholder engagement has a positive impact on Hyprop in terms of reputation management, and at the same time informs our business strategy, including risk assessment.

The board and executive team monitor and ensure that all communication to stakeholders is transparent, true and complies with the JSE Listings Requirements, where relevant. Management's goal is to ensure that stakeholders have relevant information to accurately assess our performance and prospects. The board considers the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders in its decision-making.


  • The company's reputation hinges on its relationship with its stakeholders. The process for identifying and considering the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders is reviewed at least once a year by the board
  • The board oversees the establishment of mechanisms and processes that support stakeholders as appropriate, in constructively engaging with the company
  • Stakeholders who could materially affect Hyprop's operations are identified, assessed and engaged with as part of the risk management process
  • The board has adopted guidelines that support a responsible communication programme
  • Complete, timely, relevant, accurate, honest and accessible information is provided to stakeholders, as appropriate, while considering legal and strategic issues.

Key aims

  • Ensure the safety and security of shoppers, tenants and employees, as far as possible. Operationally, this is the responsibility of each centre's management team and service providers
  • Engage with analysts, tenants, financiers, regulators and local communities on risks and possible mitigation
  • Engage with local communities for improvement and upliftment and to enhance corporate social investment
  • Steady improvement in broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) and employment equity
  • Garner effective stakeholder feedback to inform and direct Hyprop's business and growth strategy.

Dispute resolution

Disputes with stakeholders are addressed in the appropriate forum and steps are taken to ensure that any disputes are resolved effectively, efficiently and expeditiously. Where applicable, alternative dispute resolution clauses are included in all service contracts and Hyprop complies with all such requirements.

  Attract shoppers and increase footcount
  Continuous marketing projects and events
  Varied tenant mix
  Improving the quality and sustainability in our shopping centres
  R67 million spent on refurbishments, new equipment and sustainable technology
  Striving for the optimum tenant mix
  Enhance shopping experience
  Maintaining global retail trends: H&M taking up space in four of Hyprop's shopping centres
  Creating spaces where families can spend quality time: Food court enclosure at The Glen Nu Metro upgrade at Woodlands Boulevard
  Hosting different types of events to attract shoppers with varied interests
  Safe shopping environment
  Security spend of R51,5 million
  Social interaction
Multiple social touchpoints throughout the portfolio (650 000 followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  Centralised portfolio database collecting data across all customer digital touchpoints
  Smart technology tracking shopper visits and in-centre behaviour, big data collection gearing towards location-based marketing and reward programmes
  In-house website and app development, to be scaled across portfolio
  Seamless parking system at Hyde Park Corner, with a view to expand to other shopping centres
  Seamless parking system at Hyde Park Corner, with a view to expand to other shopping centres
  Returns on investments, communications and good governance
  Distribution growth of 8,8% year on year
  Concluded acquisitions of three quality shopping centres in South-Eastern Europe
  Transparent, accurate, meaningful and timely information
  Covenant compliance
  Gearing of 28,1%
  Credit rating of Baa3
  Corporate governance and ethical leadership
  Refer to corporate governance report
  Sustainable partnerships
  Efficient contract management
  Fair business practices and tender processes
  Training and development
  Extensive training programmes to support career goals and transformation target
  Refer to human capital report
  Fair remuneration practices
  Performance-based remuneration structure
  Salary benchmarking and adjustments
  Adjusted entry level salary to R105 440 per annum (2017: R98 172)
  Refer to remuneration report
  Human resources relations
  Safe sustainable working environment
  Employee surveys
Wellness days
  Employee involvement in Hyprop Foundation initiatives
  Value long-term commitment and service excellence
Ethical leadership and conduct
  Diverse non-discriminative workplace with equal opportunities
  Compliance with regulations
  Percentage of Black employees increased to 59%
  No serious occupational injuries
  Compliant with all relevant acts and regulations
  Hyprop Foundation
  Refer to social and relationship capital report
  Concluded acquisitions of three quality shopping centres in South-Eastern Eu
  Refer to natural capital report