The Mall, Bulgaria


We regard sustainability as interrelated between the natural environment, the economic environment and the social reality in which we operate, bearing in mind the influences of macro-, cultural and political factors.


Hyprop regards sustainability as a process of managing change with a balanced approach, in terms of which the use of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional responses are all applied with the intention to create value over the long term.

Hyprop is committed to corporate sustainability by taking into consideration its social, economic and environmental responsibilities, implementing ethical practices and good governance and understanding its impact on the natural environment. We endeavour to concentrate our efforts to integrate sustainability considerations into every aspect of the business – initiatives which include improving recycling initiatives, reducing waste and managing assets to be more energy and water efficient and reducing carbon emissions in line with national targets. Hyprop is fully committed to sound sustainability principles while creating long-term economic value.

Reporting on our sustainability initiatives covers the holding company and our South African and Nigerian properties.

Clearwater mall

Clearwater Mall, Gauteng